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  1. Atmosphere

    Bugged items

    Hello! If you consider this as a bug report it here The item its not registered as an item. I have this issue before and to fix it just type /ah or any command that will show a gui. This will make the item deleted or rather disappear since it's not a registered item.
  2. Atmosphere

    Is warden considered as a Boss?

    its prob a mini boss
  3. Atmosphere

    What is the dumbest thing you done the server?

    missing the 0 blocks jump, droping my op sword in sbd, block trapping myself
  4. Atmosphere


  5. Atmosphere

    why does no one see my posts?

    'dont reply to this guy hes just trying to get a rise'
  6. Atmosphere


  7. Atmosphere

    Enchated ore blocks enquiry

    you can also sell them in players chestshops
  8. Atmosphere

    why does no one see my posts?

  9. Atmosphere

    BedWars Bridging Rank or high cps bypass

    well that just makes jartex more p2w And also the high cps bypass is a bad idea since theres also autoclickers
  10. Atmosphere

    How do i link my discord to my minecraft account?

    first make sure ur 13 yr old or more. Verify your phone number, then go to #link-account or smth different on jartexs discord then type /linkaccount on the jartexs minecraft server copy its code/token then type .linkaccount ( token ) on jartexs discord server. Done
  11. Atmosphere

    How do i get more cps

    butterfly click. Or drag click
  12. Atmosphere

    why does no one see my posts?

    you post threads quick
  13. Atmosphere

    BedWars Invisibility Potions in Bedwars

    -1 been sugested 2549 (or less) and been denied
  14. Atmosphere

    what other servers do u guys suggest?

    ok please dont warn me this guy asked for it Fakepixel Blocksmc
  15. Atmosphere

    How do i get ranks???

    Simple. You buy them or vote or the rank then transfer the votes to jartex iron spend the iron to buy ranks.
  16. Atmosphere

    What is the best thing you done on the server

    i agree
  17. Atmosphere

    Why people playing with hax

    you know they hacks because 'I cant win without hacks'