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  1. TDMJ10


  2. TDMJ10

    What is the best gamemode to play in as an avearge pvper? i want to know. thx

    I Mainly First Got Into Bedwars Then PractisePvP - Build UHCs Mainly, Then Actual UHCs Then Solo Skywars But I'd Recommend You Start With Skywars Solos As You learn Most Of The Stuff Needed In Other Games There
  3. TDMJ10

    BedWars Trap Queue

    Imagine 3 Mining Fatigues In The Queue. You can't Mine Blocks For Like 15 Seconds. You're Gonna Have To Like Kill A Whole Team 2 Times Before You Can Start Breaking Any Blocks On the Bed Defense. Clay And Obsidian Are Gonna be Nightmares Even If There's A Trap Cooldown. Note: That 10 Second...
  4. TDMJ10

    BedWars Trap Queue

    -1 Mining Fatigue Abuse :/
  5. TDMJ10


    I'm Assuming You're Trying To Ninja Bridge If So, 1: If You're Super New To Ninja Bridging Try Skipping A Ninja Bridge Every Few Blocks Like Bridge 1 Block While Fully Shifting Then The Next Block Ninja'ed Then One Block Shifting. - That's How I Started Off You Don't Need A High CPS You Can...
  6. TDMJ10

    Minigames Level?

    Lvl 45 Non Rank Highest Streak I've Looked At Was 13 - Bedwars Doubles Recently Got 6900 Kills This Should Probably In Off Topic Instead Of Server Discussion Tho
  7. TDMJ10

    Who is the strongest in BedWars?

    Not Hulk Smash It's Nutella Smash
  8. TDMJ10

    Please rate my video out of 10

    6 -1 - Framerate -1 - No Cutting Of Unnecessary Scenes -1 - 480p Quality -1 - Ingame Audio's A Bit Off
  9. TDMJ10

    Whats your worst "well i am screwed" moment.

    On Bw Angry Birds I Was Being A Non On The Platform Thingies On Mid, Had A Bow And Kb Stick Jump Pot And Speed. Waiting For The Legend Himself, God Steve, To Come. Steve Was Chilling With Full Diamond Prot Armor And A Diamond Sword With Sharp. Man Absolutely Railed Me In Earlier Encounters...
  10. TDMJ10

    Who is the strongest in BedWars?

    The Best Bedwars Player Left Clicks Blockman Until Blockman Dies, A Lot. It Could Be Any One Of Us
  11. TDMJ10

    Who is the strongest in BedWars?

    Yea On Skywars Even Yesterday
  12. TDMJ10

    Who is the strongest in BedWars?

    I Think This Is Supposed To Be A Poll Never Played Nuqna Or Sahvi Beat All The Rest At Least Once Never Really Played Poke Or Riptyy A Lot But I'd Consider It As A Draw Between Em
  13. TDMJ10

    Denied BedWars Broken bedwars maps

    Build Limit -1 Sidebar: Already Suggested By Me Quite A While Ago - It Was Denied
  14. TDMJ10

    This happened

    Just Wait It Out Or Drop A Message On Assistance Chat. Fairly Sure One Of The Mods'll Ask You To Screenshare.
  15. TDMJ10

    Any resource pack creators?

    I'm Just Ok At Basic Pixel Art Like Upto 32x Textures
  16. TDMJ10

    Why do i get banned 4 client modification all the time!?

    Shrugs I've Never Been Banned For Client Modification Or Kicked For It On Labymod 180-220ms Average Also Do Ye Use Microsoft Edge
  17. TDMJ10

    Comment "Pizza"

    Dominos Pizza
  18. TDMJ10

    Hou baad kan yuu speall??

    hEUw jearE Powst Buade yaUw kEan sPoLe beleaW F For Your YT