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Minigames Brain Cells


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March 14, 2019
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What is the suggestion about?
Brain Cells​

Hello everyone! This suggestion aims to solve a very common problem which is that when you open a Brain Washer and you get something that you already have, you get a few coins. You just get a few coins no matter how rare or valuable that thing is.

One solution for this is giving players a lot of coins. However, this solution would not be ideal since players would be getting a lot of coins for a few brains. That would be unfair to other players and we don't want lucky players to get free upgrades.

My Idea is to add a thing called Brain Cells or Brain Dust . When you get something you already have from a Brain Washer, instead of coins, you get that. You will get few of these (1-5, depends on rarity of what you get).
You can then buy all of the things you get from the brainwasher with this but only when you have a lot of these( e.g. 200 for Legendary). The point is that you will not simply get rare stuff just by getting the same reward few times but if you wish to buy a legendary of your choice, you would need to win a lot of other legendary from the brain washer or a ton of normal prizes. Last Addition, even if you get the same prize from Bronze, Silver and Gold Brain Washer, you will get least of these from bronze one, more from silver and most from Gold because you invested the brains and took the risk.​

How can this idea help to improve JartexNetwork?
This will improve the players' experience on all of the minigames especially Skywars and Bedwars. When you play a minigame for a lot of time everyday but you can't have the best experience simply because you don't have a certain win effect or a kill message especially when you try so hard but fail to get it because of your luck. You will be able to just buy it yourself. This idea will make a lot of players work harder and play more. It will make minigames more fun for everyone.​

Extra Information: